After the first month since the Great Opening evening IMAGO Art Gallery Lugano is pleased to announce an extraordinary success of Visitors ( more than four thousand ) for the Public Exhibition dedicated to Rinaldo Bigi in the beautiful town of Pietrasanta, Tuscany.

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The exhibition is accompained by a prestigious two hundred pages monographic catalogue on sale at the S.Agostino’s complex book-shop, with a selection of Artworks produced during the last ten years of work. This solo exhibition will introduce all visitors into the ironic and oniric poetry of one of the most important contemporary Artists in the Italian and European scenario.

The exhibition will run until 29th of April 2016 – Pietrasanta –  Piazza del Duomo, Palazzo Moroni, S.Agostino’s Church, Cloister and inner Rooms

Opening Hours:

From Tuesday to Sunday – 16.00 to 19.00