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Born in 1993, Alessandro Malossi is an Italian artist. 


A provocative figure, that started experiencing art by drawing the irregular outline of Bologna that he used to see outside his home window. He developed his technique at the NABA academy in Milan, although his real path into the art world began after graduation when he discovered his own and unique style. 


In 2016, Alessandro takes another step and his art meets fashion, working for major international brands like Calvin Klein, Nike, Trussardi, Hogan, and more. 


The Academy, and the collaboration with brands and celebrities, gave him the chance to experience both pictorial and digital art: his work perfectly fits in the current social and digital generation era.  


The turning point is in 2019, when he exhibited his first series of digital works in Madrid, entitled "NOAH".

 “NOAH” is a collection of 15 works where Malos­si reinterprets Noah's ark under a provocative and modern key. In the contemporary world, characterized by materialism and the excessive consumption of luxury, the artist imagines that in NOAH’s story, tangible goods would be given more importance than human beings or animals. 

As a result, 15 animals come to life in the artist’s mind, made up of accessories from 15 different brands, one per animal. 


In 2020 Alessandro realizes an artwork that became the cover of Aron Piper's first single "Sigo".


He lives and works in Milan. 

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