Born in 1993, Alessandro Malossi is an italian artist.


He is born with colour in his blood and draws the irregular outline of Bologna that he sees outside his window. He attended NABA in Milan, acquired technique, began to paint inside the edges, but surpassed them with imagination.


His illustrations are seen, shared, requested: an open-air exhibition, what everyone sees from the same perspective and that unites the world from side to side. The net is a faint road, one quickly forgets the coordinates. And then Alessandro began to draw on skin, learning the art of tattooing, creating ink wounds that people decide to wear forever.


From 2016, Alessandro takes another step and his art meets fashion, working for major international brands: Calvin Klein, Nike, Trussardi, Hogan to name a few. A path where inspirations circulate, worlds are contaminated, and Alessandro's hand doesn’t stop drawing.


In 2019 he created and exhibited his first series of digital works in Madrid, entitled "NOAH", a reinterpretation of the history of Noah's ark in a provocative and modern way.

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