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Enrico Ghinato was born in 1955 in Lendinara, province of Rovigo, where he spent the first years of his childhood until his family moved to Milan where his father opened a car repair shop.

During his school years he began fostering an enthusiasm for music, design, photography as well as engines, as he was working with his father whenever he had free time.

Ghinato has always had an artistic soul but life’s events initially took him elsewhere. He began a career as a business agent in the optical field and during this long period he almost completely abandoned painting. Some years later, he opened his own business in wholesale optical products and after a while, he started painting again in his spare time. His love for art then grew once more and he followed the art world through exhibitions and museum trips whenever possible. 

In December 2015, while strolling in the swiss city of Lugano with his wife, Ghinato met the members of IMAGO, an art gallery he had visited some years before in London. With them he soon began several projects and collaborations and since then he has been working with IMAGO consistently, organizing shows with them, including a solo exhibition in 2017-2018, entitled “Viaggi Riflessi.” 

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