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Salvatore Mangione, in art Salvo, was an Italian artist born on 22nd May 1947 in Leonforte, in Sicily, and died on 12th September 2015 in Torino.


After spending his childhood in his homeland, in 1956 he moved permanently with his family from Catania to Torino, where he worked and lived until the death.

His artistic path was intense and complex: after an initial experience in the world of conceptual art, in 1973 he returned to painting, recovering traditional techniques. He was the undisputed master of colour, using totalizing and almost hypnotizing pigments in his canvases: the artist’s use of colour takes on many meanings, sometimes dreamlike, sometimes lyrical, revealing the inner pure and simply beauty.

The result is an imaginary world, material and persistent, resulting from a personal vision of the real world, that often seems to escape. Thanks to Salvo we can learn how it is possible to have a contemporary outlook even through the use of classical methods and tools, and especially how it is possible, still, through the use of figurative art.

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