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Arnaldo Pomodoro (Italian, b.1926) is a sculptor who works with metal and is most famous for his spherical bronze works.


In his youth he studied stage design and assisted in the restoration of public buildings of his hometown Morciano di Romagna. In the 1950s he met many famous artists, such as Alberto Giacometti, during his travels to New York and throughout Europe. When he came back, in the 60s he gained increasing recognition as he also joined the artistic group “Continuità”, with the aim of restoring Italian art to its historical grandeur.


In 1964 he presented a solo show at the prestigious Venice Biennale and continued to exhibit and teach art internationally. In the 1980s he returned to his origins as he worked on costume design for Italian theatre. Through the years he placed sculptures in the Vatican, the United Nations, the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C. and elsewhere.


He has been based in Milan since 1954.  

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