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Born in 1970, Cristiano Pintaldi was born in Rome.


Since 1991 he has begun to use only the three primary colors, red, green and blue, on a black background, comparing them similarly to the way pixels are arranged to give life to the television image.

The subjects chosen, broken down into pixels, are taken from popular culture, from television programs to cartoons, from cult science fiction films to important events that have marked history. The subjects are created by the artist with a one-centimeter square mask that includes three vertical parallel signs of the three colors.

Pintaldi applies numerous layers of paint with the airbrush, working on three levels at different times: in this way the result is visible only at the end of the process.


Among Pintaldi's favorite images are the eye, the lightning bolt, the Pope, the mask: symbols that, along with others, are for the artist interpretative keys to the reality in which we live.

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