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Born in Madrid in 1968. Currently living and working in Madrid.

Her research is based on the attempt to give shape to the intangible. Ephemeral solids are fluctuating in crystalline cases as if they were insects in an entomologist collection. By painting on several layers of translucent materials, Isabel Alonso Vega creates sculptures depicting a single frame of a transformation, giving physical stance to an abstract phenomenon. Her sculptures are not forced into a static nature. Their form and dynamicity is continuously changing according to the light and the perspective from which they are observed. Just as silent and morphing clouds, fluctuating in a space carved only by light.

Her work focuses on the intent of reversing the relationship between form and content: giving physical structure to ephemeral objects, she uses painting as if she was crafting stone. Isabel Alonso Vega is able to stress out the continuity between tradition - both iconographical and chronolo- gical - and contemporary art.

She applies archetypical figures and traditional techniques to contemporary languages, studying the possibility of representing, with a universally understandable vocabulary, the evanescent present reality.

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