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Considered one of the greatest international portraitists, Bob Krieger has captured some of the most famous personalities of the political, industrial and cultural scenes as well as the sports and fashion worlds. Passionate, curious and tireless, Bob Krieger loves the challenges his job offers on a daily basis, from the memorable fashion images to the very powerful portrait shots.


“…throughout the constant research which inspires my photography, the renunciation of one of the key elements of my work, which is capturing the expression and character of my subjects, has been a new challenge which has spurred the beginning of a new artistic adventure.” These words by Bob Krieger summarize his attention and ability in constantly capturing the individual and unique personality of each and every one of the subjects in front of him. Giorgio Armani, Indro Montanelli, Bill Gates, Carlo Bo, Miuccia Prada and Charlotte Rampling are just examples of the great individuals which have posed on the other side of Krieger’s photographic lens. He has also been the official portraitist of Giovanni Agnelli for the last ten years.


Author of three covers of TIME Magazine and correspondent of the New York Times Magazine for eight years, Krieger has worked for all the famous fashion designers of the last half century. Born in Alexandria of Egypt, he has inherited the rigorousness of his Prussian father and the creativity of his mother who came from a family of painters, actors, librettists and Cammarano artists, who have produced the frescoes of Reggia di Caserta, Palazzo Reale and Teatro San Carlo of Naples, part of the UNESCO heritage. 

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