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Born in Milan in 1969, Matteo Pugliese has lived for a long time in Sardinia. In 1995 he received a degree in modern literature at the University of Milan, graduating with a thesis on art criticism. 

Through the years, he developed a strong love for sculpture, organizing and financing his first solo exhibition in Milan in 2001. Only 18 months later he held his first official exhibition at the gallery Il Castello of Brera in Milan, followed a few months later with a first solo exhibition in Brussels.

He has had more than twenty solo shows in the following cities: Hong Kong, New York, Brussels, St. Mortiz, Lugano, Rome Antwerp, London, The Hague and Milan.

Today his works have been shown at some of the most important Italian and international art fairs such as the Hong Kong Art Fair (Hong Kong), ArtFirst (Bologna), Arco (Madrid), and FIAC (Paris). He is married and has one daughter. He lives and works in Milan.

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