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Serena Maisto (1982) is a polyhedric artist with many different influences.


Her artistic path begins in the name of the admiration for Jackson Pollock, the legend of Abstract Expressionism: according to the research of her master, many of Serena’s artworks are characterized by flows of colors that seem to flood the canvas, showing this way her feelings and emotions. Her work, however, soon takes an independent direction, thanks to her strong creativity and ability to use various materials and multiple artistic techniques. The result is an artist who is able to astonish with every new project; at times through some painstakingly detailed work on photography, at times through her great ability to paint both on canvas and on other mediums.


In 2017 Serena began to be interested in the possibility of a re-interpretation of photography, through the project “Time Line: my walk with Basquiat”, where the artist intervenes with acrylic paint on the shots of the Swiss photographer Edo Bertoglio that portray the famous American artist.

Serena lives and works in Lugano, city where her art has a very important role also in the public spaces: for example, in 2017 she created an artwork on commission of about 5 meters of length representing a field full of flowers for the opening of the famous café “La dispensa”. 

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